Teresa de Castro

Born in Molins Rei in 1968, but most of his life lives in Vallirana, and since 2002 she lives in Creixell.
Since she was a child she is passionate about painting and sculpture, she can not study for economic reasons, being the fourth daughter of five brothers. His dream is in the background. Despite the years, she is presented with a very early life, being a very young mother with two children. She never gives up his dream, his jovial nature, and the gift of people, make him lucky to meet a person in 1999, which will change his life. She is a prestigious sculptor recognized worldwide, offering private classes of painting and sculpture of contemporary realism. It teaches him to observe the exterior and the interior of people, making his works transmit and have a soul, being one of the most difficult things that he inculcates. Sculpts some very important works. For her, her struggle and dream begin to shape her life, there is another very important person in her life that will support her at all times, hence her change from her own name to artistic, Teresa de Castro.
The language of his sculptures aims to express his emotions with great sensitivity. It defines the realistic domain, seeks a faithful imitation of nature, expresses the suffering of the present by expressing its internal feeling with a sculptural message in the life of the human being.
His work is to consider or perceive what happens as it happens: it is nourished by something interior, it gives meaning to connect with people, it reaches awareness and discover that its creation comes to life ...
Her tenacity and perseverance leads her to set up her own workshop and set herself an objective. Start creating a great project entitled '' THE FACES OF WAR '' for 2018, inspired by innocent children.